The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah has announced he will step away from the anchor desk.

Trevor Noah

In a video proclamation shared on Twitter Thursday, Noah expressed that following seven years as host of the Funny TV mocking news program, his “time is up.”

Trevor Noah

“It’s been totally astounding. It’s something that I never expected,” Noah said of his experience facilitating the show. “I wound up thinking over the course of the hour of all that we’ve gone through. The Trump administration, the pandemic, simply the excursion, more pandemic and I understand that after the seven years, my time is up.”

Noah, a standup humorist from South Africa, was a relative rookie to American crowds when he was named as host of “The Everyday Show” after Jon Stewart closed down in 2015.
“I need to say thank you to you, to you who watched this,” Noah said. “I never envisioned that I would be here. I kind of feel like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Plant.’ I came here for a visit through what the past show was and afterward the before you know it I was given the keys.”

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

Noah implied that his choice to leave the show is attached in his craving to get back to more standup work.

“I burned through two years in my loft, not out and about, and when I got back out there, I understood there’s one more piece of my life out there that I need to continue investigating. I miss learning different dialects. I miss going to different nations and putting on shows,” Noah said.

He offered his thanks to his watchers, “The Everyday Show” group and to Fun times TV, “who had faith in this irregular comic no one knew on this side of the world.”

“I’ve cherished facilitating this show, it’s been quite possibly of my most prominent test and one of my most noteworthy delights,” Noah said. “I’ve cherished attempting to figure out how to make individuals snicker, in any event, when the accounts are especially s***y, even on the most exceedingly terrible days. We’ve snickered together, we’ve cried together.”

He didn’t share when his last show would be, however said he’d in any case be around for some time.

“You can definitely relax, i’m not vanishing,” Noah said. “On the off chance that I owe you cash, I’ll in any case pay you.”

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